Computer Science Teaching Assistant Awards

The School of Computer Science recognizes the excellence, and commitment of our teaching assistants (TAs) and the important role that they play in the academic experience of students in the School. The award celebrates the work of TAs who regularly inspire and challenge undergraduate and graduate students.

Winners of summer and fall terms are recognized at the end of fall colloquium reception, and winter term winners are recognized at the reception of the final colloquium of the academic year.

All nominations are kept anonymous, and the nominated TA should not be involved in this process. Nominations can be made through the following online form:

If you have any questions about this award, please contact:

Selection Criteria

With the understanding that TAs in different courses perform a variety of duties and fulfill a wide range of responsibilities, candidates should exhibit qualities such as the following:

  • excellent organizational skills (in relation to their ability to organize, structure and prepare tutorials, labs or classes);
  • comprehensive knowledge of their subject area;
  • effective and accessible communication skills (including clarity of examples and explanations, effective communication of expectations, relation of current issues/research to student experiences and concrete applications);
  • ability to provide effective feedback to students;
  • ability to encourage a wide range of participation and engagement from all students;
  • acts as a role model, demonstrating high standards, good listening skills and ethics.

Nomination Process

Nominations must speak to the selection criteria and can be accepted from individuals with direct experience, for instance,

  • a student of the TA;
  • a direct supervisor of the TA with knowledge of their teaching activities; or
  • a colleague (staff or faculty) who has directly observed the teaching of the TA.

Consideration will be given to all candidates with 2 or more student nominations and who meet the selection criteria. Faculty members are also encouraged to submit nominations; however, evidence of student support is mandatory to be considered for the award.

TAs are prohibited from soliciting nominations for the award. Reporting of such behaviour may result in removal of nominations from consideration. TAs may inform students that the award exists and direct them to the appropriate web link. They may not ask students or faculty directly to nominate them for the award. Faculty and undergraduate students are actively encouraged to engage students in nominating a TA for the award.


Nominations are open in the final two weeks of classes of each term. Review of nominations begins immediately after online nominations close, therefore we are absolutely unable to consider late nominations. Winners are announced in the spring at the reception of the final colloquium of the year.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this award a candidate must meet the following:

  • receive 2 or more student nominations (NB: Faculty may submit a nomination but evidence of student support will be required as well);
  • have held a TA appointment during the current semester in a course offered by the School of Computer Science;
  • be a member of AGSEM, and enrolled at McGill
  • previous winners of the award may still be nominated, but will not be shortlisted.