Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the McGill School of Computer Science

We at the School of Computer Science (SOCS), the students, staff, and faculty, are committed to creating and promoting a community where everyone is welcome and supported, no matter their backgrounds, experiences, or perspectives. Where everyone is provided the same opportunities and respect. Where all members are empowered to succeed and contribute to the betterment of the whole.

Our shared ethics encourages personal growth, high standards in learning, impactful research, collegial support, and affecting society in meaningful ways. Success depends on creating an environment that removes all hindrances to these goals in all venues within SOCS. Regardless of one's ethnicity, race, beliefs, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and other characteristics, we strive to promote and create a healthy and supportive community where everyone is included as a member of SOCS, and where every member's contributions are valued.

We believe that a university is a cradle of diverse thoughts and ideas. In that light, we strive for a community that is a safe place where individuals with differing opinions and ideas can express themselves freely in professional and respectful ways, that differences of opinion do not signify rightness or wrongness, but instead open avenues of dialogue.

Our members are encouraged to speak out, when safe, upon witnessing acts of hate, injustice, or discrimination targeted at others (If you do not know what to do, see here).

We are committed to building a department that embraces and celebrates the ideals of well-being, diversity, inclusion, and empowerment; where empathy, compassion, and respect will guide our interactions and actions. Please see this link for other resources and groups.