McGill Programming Teams Win IEEE and ACM Programming Competitions

Oct. 25, 2017

McGill programming teams participated in the recent IEEE-xtreme 24-Hour Programming Contest on October 14, and also the Northern Preliminary for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest on October 21.  In both cases our teams both won and placed 4th---congratulations to our teams, and to David Romero for mentoring!

IEEE-xtreme Programming contest competition (October 14th, 2017)

  • First Place Canada
    • Andrei Purcarus Craciun
    • Sebastian Pilarski
    • Fan Ma
  • Fourth Place Canada
    • Elias Al Homsi
    • Haoyu Zhang
    • Paul-Andre Henegar

ACM-ICPC Northern Preliminary programming contests (October 21st, 2017)

  • First Place
    • Paul-Andre Henegar
    • Andre Kaba
    • Andrei Purcarus
  • Fourth Place
    • Anass Al-Wohoush
    • Haruki Moriguchi
    • Anthony Courchesne