Prof. Claude Crepeau wins STOC 30 year Test of Time Award

June 23, 2021

Congratulations to Prof. Claude Crepeau on being awarded one of three inaugural ACM STOC 30-year test-of-time awards for his 1988 paper, Chaum, Crepeau, Damgard. Multiparty unconditionally secure protocols, STOC 1988.

The STOC Test of Time Award recognizes papers published in the Proceedings of the Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, targeting STOC conferences that occurred 10, 20, and 30 years prior. Prof. Crepeau’s paper (abstract below) was a cornerstone of cryptography and remains highly sited to this date:

"Under the assumption that each pair of participants can communicate secretly, we show that any reasonable multiparty protocol can be achieved if at least 2n/3 of the participants are honest. The secrecy achieved is unconditional. It does not rely on any assumption about computational intractability.“

Congratulations again, Claude on this outstanding achievement!