Towards hardware-agnostic application development in an era of heterogeneous SoCs

Aporva Amarnath - IBM

Nov. 24, 2023, 10 a.m. - Nov. 24, 2023, 10:45 a.m.

McConnell Eng. Room 603

Hosted by: Christophe Dubach

With the advent of HLS-based tools and open-source HW IPs, the time-to-development of a heterogeneous SoC or FPGA solution has been shown to reduce significantly. Application developers yearn to reap the benefits of the energy-efficient and high-performance delivered by HW SoCs, specifically for real-time applications like autonomous vehicles, and AR/VR applications. However, the tools to take an application and optimize it for a particular heterogeneous SoC are very tedious and require the application developer to have extensive knowledge of the hardware device and IP interfaces. Moreover, the choice of heterogeneous HW components with stringent constraints for each task or application running on the SoC, makes the scheduling decision very complex.

We propose a hardware-agnostic application acceleration framework that presents a novel software stack and runtime system to execute real-time applications. An application developer can deploy our framework with minimal annotations around the tasks of interest. Our framework, with the use of a heterogeneous compiler and real-time scheduler built for heterogeneous platforms, performs scheduling decisions, and executes tasks on scheduler-chosen PEs.

Aporva Amarnath is a Research Scientist in the Efficient & Resilient Systems Team at the T J Watson Center. Her research interests lie in building energy-efficient systems with a focus on HW-SW codesign/security.